Take Out Menu

Home-made goodness meets ready-to-serve convenience with our takeout menu. We offer a full range of meat, dairy and parve options such as our famous BBQ and Teriyaki rotisserie chicken, schnitzel (always a Montreal family favourite) Israeli and Moroccan salads and much, much more.

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Salad Platter  Small  Large    
Vegetable Egg-Roll Platter  Small  Large    
Assorted Cold-Cuts Platter  Small  Large    
Assorted Borekas Platter  Small  Large    
Assorted Knishes Platter  Small  Large    
Assorted Party Sandwiches Platter  Baguette  Soft Toast    
Sushi Platter  31 Pcs  62 Pcs    
Smoked Fish Platter  Small  Large    
Cheese Platter  Small  Large    
Party Mix Platter  Small  Large    
Parve Pizza  Vegetable  Mushroom  Plain  Anchovies

Finger Foods

 Hot-Dogs in Blankets  Chicken Wings  Hot Pressed Deli Sandwiches
 Cherry Chicken  Pineable Chicken  General Tao Chicken
 Mini Egg-Rolls  Chicken Fingers  Crispy Beef
 Spicy Meat Cigars  Meat Pastelles  Chicken Pastilla
 Sweet & Sour Meat Balls  Mini Knishes  Mini Potato Latkes
 Garlic Sauted Shrimps  Grilled Chicken Strips  Teriyaki Chicken Strips
Assorted Borekas  Potato  Tuna  Tofu Cheese  Mushroom
Assorted Quiches  Vegetables  Mushroom  Spinach  Brocoli  Seafood


 Vegetable  Chicken Noodle  Split Pea
 Matza Ball Soup  Chow Mein ( Beef )  Lentill


 Potato Salad  Coleslaw  Israeli Salad
 Cucumber Salad  Beets Salad  Carrot Salad
 Carrot Tzimis  Shredded Carrot  Heart of Palm Salad
 Salad Cuite (tomato)  Babaganoush  Israeli Eggplant
 Cooked Olives  Tehina  Humus
 Crab Salad  3 Bean Salad  Taboulé Salad
 Cooked to carrot salad  Avocado  Mango salad

Fresh Salads

 Thai salad  Caesar salad  Chef salad
 Grilled chicken salad  Teriyaki salmon salad
Greek salad  Dairy  non-Dairy

Side Orders

 Pastelles (Meat & Potato)  Meat Sheppard's Pie  Assorted Parve Quiches ( Vegetable, Spinach, Mushroom, Brocoli)
 Seafood Quiche  Kasha & Bowties  Vegetable Couscous
 Sweet Couscous  Vegetable Omelette  Chines Noodles ( with Vegetables )
 Sweet Potatoes  Roasted Potatoes  Backed Garlic Potatoes
 Stir-Fry Vegetables  Steamed Green Beans  Rice & Vegetables
 Wild Rice  Spanish Safron Rice  Regular or Sweet Kugel
 Israeli Couscous  Cheese Blintzes  Quiches


 Cooked Salmon  Lemon Salmon  Poached Salmon
 Teriyaki Salmon  Vegetable Omelette  Baked Filet of Sole in Lemon Sauce
 Fish Balls (in tomato sauce)  Fish Balls (in lemon sauce)  Filet of Sol ( fried )
 Garlic Sauté Shrimp  Lox  Grilled Tilapia
 Saumon Feuilleté


 Pineapple Chicken Nuggets  Cherry Chicken Nuggets  General Tao Chicken
 Chicken Wings (soy in sauce)  Crispy Spicy Beef  Sizzling Garlic Chicken
 Teriyaki Chicken Strips


 Large BBQ Chicken  BBQ Teriyaki Chicken  Morrocan Lemon Chicken
 Pineapple Chicken

Sandwiches & Wraps

 Turkey  Salami  Club sabdwich
 Smoked Meat  Egg Wrap  Tuna Wrap
 Tuna Sandwich  Tunisian Sandwich

Meat and Chicken

 Stuffed peppers (Beef)  Stuffed Zucchinis (Beef)  Stuffed Artichokes (Beef)
 Stuffed Cabbage Rolls (Beef)  Stuffed Eggplant (Beef)  Minute Steak (with gravy)
 Veal Chops (with gravy)  Beef Brisket (with gravy)  Veal Brisket (with gravy)
 Veal Patties(with mushroom gravy)  Chicken Patties(with mushroom gravy)  Chicken Schnitzel
 Sweet n Sour Meat Balls  Grilled Chicken  Stuffed Chicken Brast
 chicken fingers  crispy chicken wings  crispy chicken drumsticks

The Grill

 Shawarma  Shish taouk  Grilled chicken
 Chicken schnitzel  Hamburger  Hot dog
 Hot smoked meat  Falafel  French fries
 Onion rings


 Fruit Platter  Mini Cheese Bagels  Assorted Danishes Platter
 Fancy Chocolate Platter (Finesse)  Assorted French Pastries Platter  Assorted Cookie Platter
 Moroccan Pastries Platter  Fruit Salad  
*Birthday cakes & Fancy French Cakes are also available. See list in store


 Mini French Rolls  Mini Pita  Rye Bread
 Kimmel  Pumpernickel  Black bread
 Marble  Whole wheat  Toast
 Onion  7 grain bread  Cranberry pumpkin seed bread
 Challa  Challa rolls  Bagels


 Fancy Forks  Fancy Knives  Fancy Plates
 Mustard  Ketchup  Fancy Spoon
 Plum Sauce  

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